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Important Note: To book a unit at Rivière, remember to call up +65 6100 8717 to tentatively reserve your choice unit before coming down to the show flat to avoid disappointment. Units are selling fast and availability is based on first come first serve basis. You will receive Direct Developer Price with no commission/fee required to be paid. If you wish to visit the show flat first before making a decision, kindly get an Appointment Reservation Here.

Recent Unit Sales History

LAST UPDATED: 8th February 2023

Riviere Balance Unit Chart 05012023 1

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31/12/2022: #36-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

31/12/2022: #30-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

31/12/2022: #30-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

31/12/2022: #31-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

31/12/2022: #28-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/12/2022: #33-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/12/2022: #30-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

23/12/2022: #27-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

22/12/2022: #25-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

20/12/2022: #26-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

18/12/2022: #23-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

15/12/2022: #30-09 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

07/12/2022: #29-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

07/12/2022: #27-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

27/11/2022: #27-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/11/2022: #31-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

24/11/2022: #36-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

24/11/2022: #31-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

24/11/2022: #31-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

22/11/2022: #32-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

22/11/2022: #29-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

21/11/2022: #35-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/11/2022: #31-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

20/11/2022: #28-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

20/11/2022: #36-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

20/11/2022: #29-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

17/11/2022: #24-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/11/2022: #29-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/11/2022: #21-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

15/11/2022: #35-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

15/11/2022: #24-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

13/11/2022: #34-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/11/2022: #32-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/11/2022: #34-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

31/10/2022: #33-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

31/10/2022: #26-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

28/10/2022: #35-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

19/10/2022: #22-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

19/10/2022: #29-09 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

16/10/2022: #28-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

14/10/2022: #27-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/10/2022: #26-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/10/2022: #30-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

09/10/2022: #20-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

03/10/2022: #29-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

03/10/2022: #27-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

01/10/2022: #27-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

28/09/2022: #32-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2022: #31-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

24/09/2022: #36-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

20/09/2022: #14-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/09/2022: #25-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/09/2022: #33-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

14/09/2022: #30-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

14/09/2022: #29-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/09/2022: #28-09 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

11/09/2022: #28-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/09/2022: #25-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

09/9/22: #34-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

08/9/22: #28-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

07/9/22: #28-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

05/9/22: #24-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

04/9/22: #22-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

03/9/22: #30-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

28/8/22: #34-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/8/22: #36-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/8/22: #02-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

20/8/22: #29-09 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

19/8/22: #27-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

19/8/22: #25-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

18/8/22: #31-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

17/8/22: #27-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

17/8/22: #21-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/8/22: #26-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

14/8/22: #04-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

14/8/22: #26-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

12/8/22: #25-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/8/22: #02-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/8/22: #34-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/8/22: #27-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/8/22: #02-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/8/22: #26-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

09/8/22: #22-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

09/8/22: #33-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/8/22: #35-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

06/8/22: #33-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

04/8/22: #03-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

04/8/22: #31-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

31/07/2022: #24-09 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

28/07/2022: #02-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

28/07/2022: #23-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

28/07/2022: #28-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/07/2022: #30-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

25/07/2022: #21-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/07/2022: #29-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

25/07/2022: #18-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

23/07/2022: #30-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

23/07/2022: #29-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

21/07/2022: #30-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/07/2022: #29-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

20/07/2022: #03-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

20/07/2022: #31-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

20/07/2022: #14-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

19/07/2022: #26-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

19/07/2022: #23-09 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

19/07/2022: #04-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

18/07/2022: #24-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

17/07/2022: #29-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/07/2022: #26-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/07/2022: #28-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/07/2022: #28-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/07/2022: #24-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

05/07/2022: #23-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

02/07/2022: #19-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

02/07/2022: #02-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

02/07/2022: #18-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/06/2022: #22-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

28/06/2022: #29-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/06/2022: #22-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

26/06/2022: #22-09 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

26/06/2022: #25-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

24/06/2022: #20-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

20/06/2022: #24-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

17/06/2022: #14-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

15/06/2022: #19-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

15/06/2022: #28-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

12/06/2022: #04-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/06/2022: #25-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

08/06/2022: #04-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

08/06/2022: #27-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

08/06/2022: #25-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

08/06/2022: #27-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

06/06/2022: #17-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

05/06/2022: #27-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

04/06/2022: #13-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

04/06/2022: #21-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

02/06/2022: #26-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

01/06/2022: #24-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

31/05/2022: #21-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/05/2022: #16-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

27/05/2022: #24-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

27/05/2022: #25-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

26/05/2022: #20-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

23/05/2022: #23-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/05/2022: #25-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/05/2022: #23-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/05/2022: #19-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

19/05/2022: #24-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

15/05/2022: #32-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

12/05/2022: #22-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

12/05/2022: #14-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/05/2022: #26-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

08/05/2022: #18-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

08/05/2022: #24-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/05/2022: #23-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

07/05/2022: #17-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

06/05/2022: #13-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

06/05/2022: #02-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

06/05/2022: #14-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

06/05/2022: #28-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

01/05/2022: #21-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

30/04/2022: #16-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/04/2022: #22-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

28/04/2022: #19-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

27/04/2022: #17-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

26/04/2022: #25-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/04/2022: #05-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/04/2022: #21-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

24/04/2022: #28-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

23/04/2022: #22-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

23/04/2022: #03-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

23/04/2022: #15-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

21/04/2022: #23-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

11/04/2022: #23-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/04/2022: #04-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/04/2022: #20-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/04/2022: #22-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/04/2022: #19-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/04/2022: #21-09 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

09/04/2022: #07-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

08/04/2022: #05-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

07/04/2022: #17-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/04/2022: #05-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

07/04/2022: #26-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

06/04/2022: #14-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

06/04/2022: #27-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

06/04/2022: #21-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

05/04/2022: #32-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

05/04/2022: #31-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

05/04/2022: #19-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

04/04/2022: #17-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

03/04/2022: #21-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

02/04/2022: #16-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

02/04/2022: #13-07 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

02/04/2022: #20-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/03/2022: #22-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

27/03/2022: #21-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

27/03/2022: #05-01 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/03/2022: #07-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

24/03/2022: #08-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

21/03/2022: #15-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/03/2022: #20-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

08/03/2022: #03-04 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

08/03/2022: #20-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

27/02/2022: #19-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

05/02/2022: #17-11 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

30/01/2022: #20-09 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

25/01/2022: #14-12 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

25/01/2022: #02-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

18/01/2022: #06-08 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

12/01/2022: #06-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

09/01/2022: #35-13 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

02/01/2022: #14-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

***Displaying recently sold units only***

Riviere is a brand new Frasers Property development in one’s heart of Singapore’s river district. The ancient Zouk Site, that has been successfully purchased by Frasers Property and is conveniently located close to the Singapore River and a lot of Clarke Quay’s amenities, has become being developed. Riviere is situated on Jiak Kim Street, which will be near the Great World City MRT station in addition to various malls along the Singapore River. Riviere offers you a distinctive and serene living experience in the center of the city. Riviere offers Frasers Hospitality services such as for instance Concierge, Laundry, Housekeeping, Curated Programs, Loyalty Program (Fraser World Membership), and residents receive discounted rates at Fraser Residence Promenade. Riviere was made by famous architectural firm SCDA, with senior architect Soo K. Chan.Rivière is situated on Jiak Kim Street, amid the rest of the protected warehouses and the ancient Zouk club. When completed, it will be a prominent 36-story structure that will sit immediately on the Singapore River’s edge.

completion. The Grand Copthorne, Mirage Tower, and Tribeca by the Waterfront are all close by.

The Waterfront Hotel is set back from the main road, offering a peaceful haven.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire a property in another of Singapore’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

You will get from the crowds while yet being close to a cosmopolitan means of life.

The Rivière Condos are situated on Jiak Kim Street (Former Zouk Club)

Rivière is lucky to possess not one, but two major Thomson East line train stations.

The coastline’s line. The only method to achieve there’s to cross the Jiak Kim Bridge and go via the Great World MRT Station.

Through the river promenade, either across Kim Seng Park or down Kim Seng Road. Alternatively,

From Havelock Station, you have to venture out to the main road through Jiak Kim Street.

There are many bus services that operate diverse routes as well as the principal transport hub in your region.

Usage of the CBDs and beyond is going to be easy in the future by as it is likely to be right on the key route. With this type of wide selection of applications,

It is a selection made open to individuals, and it will certainly reduce the amount of time spent moving about.

Riviere Condominium by Frasers Property

A guard house, clubhouse, function room, indoor gym, tennis court, 50m swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits, and children’s playground are among the amenities at Riviere Condo Jiak Kim Street. The condo’s features can meet with the entertainment needs of the entire family. Have a tranquil and calm lifestyle in one’s heart of Singapore’s river. Riviere is really a premium landmark property alongside the bustling Singapore River that contributes to a bit of Singapore’s history. As part of the area’s rich history, three distinct conservation warehouses will be restored within Riviere’s neighborhood. Tengah EC, a new Jurong development, is placed to open in the near future. Tengah EC is located in one’s heart of the city, near lots of the city’s upcoming developments. Tengah EC is the most recent EC in Bukit Batok.

Riviere Jiak Kim Street is on an incredible bit of property which was originally home to the Zouk Club, and it’s a good moment to invest for Frasers Property, which can be looking to give its land bank. Many prior releases have now been on small pieces of land, and this landmark property will present an opportunity for buyers looking for a landmark development on prime Jiak Kim Street, near the Singapore River, in one’s heart of Singapore’s city center.

Riviere Jiak Kim Street in Great World City

Riviere Condo, originally Zouk Club, is also conveniently found on Jiak Kim Street, near several shopping centers. Riviere is close to the popular Great World City Shopping Centre, Concorde Shopping Centre, and Valley Point, for example. Riviere Condo is also close to Fort Canning Park, which gives tenants and their family a range of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Riviere’s Actual Site Tour

Riviere is an MRT station in Great World City that’s area of the Thomson East Coast Line.

Riviere Jiak Kim Street will soon be accessible from the Great World City MRT Station on the Thomson East Coast Line Singapore River. For many who would rather pass by bus, there are numerous options, including Kim Seng Road, River Valley Road, and Zion Road. For owners planing a trip to the town, Riviere is ideally located nearby the Central Expressway (CTE). Riviere can also be near to famous schools including Gan Eng Seng School, River Valley Primary School, and LASALLE College of the Arts.

Riviere Condos and Frasers Residence Promenade have already been integrated.

Riviere Condo Jiak Kim Street, the residential part of the plot of land at the ancient Zouk site, may have 455 units of superb residential flats positioned in the city. The residential component is found on Rivière Jiak Kim Street, while Frasers Property will manage a serviced apartment building that is attached to Rivière. The serviced component is likely to be Fraser Residence Promenade, while Frasers Property will keep the warehouse, which used to be the Zouk Club.

Costs of Riviere

Riviere is a brand-new development in the extremely desirable Great World City and Jiak Kim Street neighborhoods. The bulk of the developments in the Jiak Kim Street neighborhood have larger flats, and the relatively high cost of purchasing a system in the area has forced many buyers to postpone their plans to purchase a home there.

Riviere, on one other hand, provides a timely chance for buyers searching for new developments in the Great World City region to get a whole new mixed-use property. Riviere is just a four-minute walk from Great World City Station and a two-minute walk from the upcoming Havelock MRT station. It also has quick access to the Orchard Shopping Belt and the Central Business District, and is surrounded by restaurants and entertainment venues.

Riviere’s Site Plan

Riviere Site Plan combines modern luxury residences with a classic atmosphere reminiscent of a former Zouk nightclub. Frasers Property has designed the complex such that there is plenty of space for social living when the hotel and conservatory sites are combined. The refurbished warehouses and F&B amenities on the former zouk site will provide a whole living experience. Riviere’s site plan was precisely created by renowned architects, and the development features high-end, high-quality furnishings.

The Riviere Site Plan includes a full-size pool as well as a gymnasium with pool views. There is also an internal event space where you may get together with friends or host a birthday party for family and friends. The Riviere Site Plan can also be connected to Jiak Kim Bridge, which enables you to cross Robertson Quay to another side.

Riviere’s Floor Plans

Riviere Floor Plans combines beauty and utility for this famous property on Jiak Kim Street. Riviere’s 1 Bedroom design elevates the bar for luxury surviving in the middle of the city by allowing small families to possess more flexibility. The 1 Bedroom Suites at Riviere have room enough in the layout, in addition to a wonderful open concept kitchen with complete equipment, according to the floor plans.

For investors and clients looking at larger Riviere Floor Plans such as the 2 and 3 Bedrooms, the property’s architecture also adds space and comfort for your family. Riviere floor plans are made to maximize city views while also providing ample natural ventilation and lighting for the family. The lavish living area in the floor plans, in addition to the on-site amenities, make entertaining your guests a breeze.

Near Riviere Condo, Clarke Quay Shopping Centres

Clarke Quay is walking distance of major shopping centers. As a result, residents in the areas have a diverse choice of shopping alternatives. Here are a few of the very well-known shopping malls in the area to assist you along with your shopping. Clarke Quay, as one of many city’s most widely used tourist attractions, has a variety of retail complexes to suit the daily needs of visitors.

Consequently, here are a couple of malls near Riviere Condo on the Singapore River: Clarke Quay near Riviere Condo

• Clarke Quay Central (Clarke Quay)

Jiak Kim Street in Central Clarke Quay, near Riviere Jiak Kim Street in Central Clarke Quay, near Riviere is a modern retail complex. This mall is not merely the most popular but in addition the most handy mall in the neighborhood, since it is immediately accessible by the MRT Station in the gorgeous waterside setting. Despite its lack of broad shop offerings, the mall is worth a trip if you’re looking for good restaurants. Across the water’s edge, the mall is home to many different enterprises, including excellent European, Japanese, and seafood restaurants. For the whole family, the mall supplies a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

• Liang Court (Court of Liang) (Court of Liang)

Liang Court is a medium-sized shopping complex in Clarke Quay Riviere, located near to Jiak Kim Street. It’s near Riviere Condo on the Singapore River’s waterside, which can be stunning and wonderful. The mall was recently renovated and now houses over 20 world-class restaurants along with the city’s best fashion and food stores, including MEIDI – YA Supermarket, Kopitiam, Kinokuniya, and Audio House, among others. Liang Court is merely a short walk from Clarke Quay MRT Station. City Hall or Raffles Place may also be good choices for getting there. Liang Court is element of a larger mixed-use development which includes the 326-room Novotel Clarke Quay Hotel.

• The World’s Capital

Great World City, located opposite to Riviere Frasers Property Jiak Kim Street and just a few meters from the Clarke Quay MRT Station, is really a well-known retail complex. This six-story commercial center has restaurants, stores, and offices as well as other facilities. The apartment also borders the Somerset and Orchard Road areas. With over 400,000 square feet of retail space, Great World City can accommodate a number of designer stores such as Mark & Spencer, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, and others, in addition to a six-screen cinema. Great World can also be well-known in the surrounding areas, where families regularly meet to buy. Its large store offers all of the foods that locals desire, which makes it an easy stop. The shopping complexes mentioned are some of the very most well-known in the Clarke Quay area. They give you a diverse selection of tenants who provide consumers with high-quality goods and services at enticingly affordable prices.

Fort Canning Park, located near Riviere, features a long and illustrious history.

Fulfilling a slew of obligations while pursuing a certain career goal may be exhausting. Daily responsibilities are demanding tasks that must be accomplished perfectly to be able to succeed in life; this continuously awakens the desire for a great and undisturbed relaxation after having a hard day’s labor. The desire for a fast getaway from the city noise, as well as the desire to improve the stimulating surroundings for a calm and soothing break, comes after an extended day of tough labor. This contradiction seems to be the driving factor behind many city dwellers’ desire for a more natural living; they spend every free moment or vacation they have visiting gardens and parks, such as Fort Canning Park near Riviere, in quest of absorbing natural sensations and sceneries.

There are several names for Fort Canning Park.

Government Hill, Singapore Hill, and Bukit Laragan were the last names for Fort Canning Park, that will be located between Riviere Jiak Kim Street and the Singapore River. The 48-meter-high hill was named after Viscount Charles John Canning, the Governor-General of India in 1861, who also inspired the term Administration Hill during his amount of time in administration. Because it absolutely was once used for various temples, like the shrine of Sultan Iskandar Shah, a well-respected king of the old state of Singapura, this hill was also known as the forbidden hill.

It’s a wonderful time to visit Fort Canning Park right now.

Fort Canning Park Riviere has turned into a popular place for activities such as outdoor art festivals in recent years. Many plays and dramas have already been staged at Fort Canning, which has a long and illustrious history and houses the Singapore Drama Centre and the Dance Theatre in the fort’s bottom and center, respectively. Fort Canning Park, that will be easily accessed via River Valley Road, is a few minutes’ drive from Riviere Condo.

Jiak Kim Street at Fort Canning Park includes activities for both parents and children.

Fort Canning Park offers residents of Riviere a vast green space where they might run and explore while being observed by their parents and guardians. The old Christian cemetery, sally port antiquities, and the Asean sculpture garden are one of the attractions at Fort Canning Park. In addition, it houses a collection of historical artifacts unearthed during archaeological digs. The spice garden, that will be located near the foot of the hill, and the famous “Battlebox,” that has been formerly the property of the British army and served as their headquarters during World War II, are two additional sites and attractions that will blow your mind. Fort Canning has plenty of beautiful landscape that’ll provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Frasers Property is a property developer.

Frasers Property, which owns, develops, and maintains a broad and integrated portfolio of property assets spanning Europe, Australia, Singapore, China, and Southeast Asia, includes Riviere old Zouk Club, is really a real-estate developer and an international firm. The Centrepoint Center, a popular shopping mall in the biggest market of Singapore’s Orchard Road, was built by Fraser Property in 1980. Their most recent venture is Rivière Zouk Club, which is located just across from the Singapore River. The style architect is SCDA Architects, as the submission architect is P&T Architects & Engineers Ltd. One of many development’s draws is the truth that the key contractor, Woh Hup (Private) Ltd, is really a well-known company.

Frasers Property Development, the developer for Riviere Condo Jiak Kim Street, was established in 1883 as a diversified subsidiary of Fraser & Neave. Frasers Property, the developer for Riviere Condo Jiak Kim Street, became an international firm with five active companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX-ST) in 1990. Residential, commercial, commercial, and commercial complexes, along with logistical and industrial locations, are one of the assets in Singapore, Australia, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. Frasers Property also includes a strong involvement in the hospitality industry, with over 80 locations.

Employees are the reason why behind Frasers Property’s success.

Employees are the backbone of the company’s success, according to Frasers Property’s statistics, especially with the recent premiere of Riviere at Jiak Kim Street. Our employees’ families are part of the Frasers family. Frasers Property provides a household day for the employees and their families every year. Frasers Property also awards the Frasers Property Bursary Award to fellow Singaporeans as a means of investing in our staff and future generations.

Frasers Property is worried about its employees’ well-being along with new initiatives like Riviere Jiak Kim Street. The corporate wellness team organizes a number of activities targeted at fostering collaboration, teamwork, and personal well-being. The objective of the annual Health and Safety Month is to advertise awareness about the importance of workplace health and safety for our coworkers. Frasers Property is constantly working to set new standards for sustainable living.

Frasers Property is attempting to offer equity to stakeholders.

The success of Frasers Property is owed in large part to its commitment to sustainability, and the unified concept are at the center of all we do. Frasers Property’s overall concept emphasizes the significance of the customer’s experience. By utilizing sustainability potential, Frasers Property aims to improve both our customers’ and employees’ experiences. By adopting a proactive approach and engaging with stakeholders in a holistic path of sustainability, Frasers Property wants to create industry standards for sustainable societies returning to being Singapore’s number 1 real-estate developer. Frasers Property seeks to improve equity for the shareholders and stakeholders by creating and delivering great residences to aspiring home owners. Riviere Jiak Kim Street, their newest project, gets a lot of attention. Riviere, a 455-unit residential structure, and the Frasers Residence Promenade serviced apartments, that will be managed by Frasers Property, are part of the property. Rivière is part of a bigger area that overlooks the Singapore river and includes two 36-story residential buildings, serviced flats, and three conservation warehouses. Riviere’s residents have an unimpeded view of the Alexandra River. A crowd of approximately 1,000 people attends the Riviere Private Preview, demonstrating that buyers remain looking for properties in desirable areas.

The History of the Singapore River

Riviere Condo, a Frasers Property complex along the Singapore River, is really a landmark property. The Alexandra Road and the Singapore River are parallel, and the river feeds into the marina reservoir in Singapore’s southern region. The Singapore River includes a long and illustrious history stretching back to the 1800s, and it was originally Singapore’s lifeblood. It is the hub of Singapore’s business activities along with the commercial business center. The Riviere Frasers Property, that is located close to the Singapore River, will offer a spectacular view of the river from the city’s heart. Water reflects the sensory areas of its surroundings. Raindrops are likely to be heard. Each day, the aroma of mist. The reflections of the beautiful sky. Water has a chilling impact on the skin. The flavor of life-giving water in its purest form. Riviere is a luxury hotel with a coastal position.

The Singapore River today

The Singapore River, which flows close to the Rivière Jiak Kim Street Zouk Club today, is just a symbol of Singapore’s pride in being one of many world’s most multicultural cities. With a profusion of pulsating clubs and other theme bars along both banks of the river, the Singapore River, along with Clarke Quay, may be the city’s party core. Riviere Frasers Property inhabitants enjoy unwinding after having a long trip to work by the Singapore River, that is adjacent to the Central Business District and offers a range of outdoor eating and drinking options. This area offers food, drink, and partying to be able to give the environmental surroundings that partygoers and office professionals in the Riviere area are looking for. Based on Frasers Property, the sensuous characteristics of water are recreated across multiple touchpoints at Rivière, from the arrival to the view, to the excellent finishing and lifestyle the residences give.

The Former Zouk Club’s Clubbing Scene

The ancient Zouk Club on Jiak Kim Street, which can be certainly one of Singapore’s most widely used nightlife venues, is now the Riviere Condo Jiak Kim Street Frasers Property. Singapore has a varied nightlife scene, particularly in the area of nightclubs. There are many nightclubs in Singapore where you are able to have a one-of-a-kind experience. After a long day at work, office workers and students go the club to unwind. Frasers Hospitality will administer the serviced apartments and business services in the conservation warehouses.

Zouk is going to be among typically the most popular nightclubs for partygoers, located near Riviere Frasers Property. It’s a great place to begin your evening outing. The Zouk Club is a well-known nightclub. Since the music is modern and the partying experience is enjoyable, several people compare Zouk to other well-known clubs in Europe. The club’s seven resident DJs will also be a spotlight, as they have the most used playlist, which sets the tone and encourages visitors to become disoriented in the crowd. Included in the development’s noteworthy heritage zone, three diverse and distinctive conservation warehouses will be rehabilitated.

Nightlife and music at Zouk Club

At the ancient Riviere, techno music may be heard almost every night. Don’t worry, though. Zouk is more than just a fast-paced beat. Because the DJs at Zouk play a variety of mainstream music from the 1970s through the 1990s, you’ll be transported in time. Let’s pretend you’re hearing Dancing Queen and would like to get up and dance. Avicii, Paul Oakenfold, Hardwell, and the Chemical Brothers are among the international DJs and acts who’ve performed at Zouk.

The fame of Zouk doesn’t only pass from one person to the next. The club’s success has been identified by the Singapore Tourism Board, which has given them six Best Nightspot Experience awards. Zouk, that will be near Riviere Jiak Kim Street, has additionally increased to third position in Asia’s top entrance club rankings. Zouk isn’t a solitary figure. Two more clubs are housed in exactly the same building as the two already listed. If the music at Zouk does not appeal for you, check out Velvet Underground for soul and garage music. The audience, though, is just a little older there. If it’s what you’re searching for, it’s not a big deal.

Zouk has come to an result in Singapore.

Despite its future concept, the Riviere ancient Zouk site has existed for quite a while at Jiak Kim Street. The Zouk structure was finished in 1991 and was built on the foundations of ancient warehouses that date back to 1919. Zouk moved to a new site in Clarke Quay in 2016, but its appeal has remained the same. Clubs, on the other hand, don’t start serving drinks until 10 p.m. In the event that you arrive early, you are able to unwind at the Zouk Wine Bar with a glass of wine while awaiting the nightlife to begin.

Close to Robertson Quay Riviere

Robertson Quay has for ages been among the three (3) main wharfs close to the Singapore River’s mouth. Another two quays are Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. Robertson Quay is just a 50-hectare little bit of land over the Singapore River that runs for 1.5 kilometers from the river’s mouth to only meters from the Kim Seng Bridge.

Robertson Quay converted the area into a hotspot for nightlife. It’s an interesting site because it supplies a serene and tranquil setting for a very intimate dinner while taking in the cool breeze of the Singapore River. It’s a great evening where friends can unwind and spend quality time talking about their ideas. Robertson Quay, on the Singapore River, has changed into a favorite hangout area for residents of the Boat Quay neighborhood.

Robertson Quay has several world-class international restaurants.

Robertson Quay has turned into a terrific attraction as a result of its uniqueness. It’s been supported by its mixture of world-class international restaurants with outdoor dining, art galleries, wine bars, hotel cafés, and globally ranked apartments. Its appealing dining enterprises have trained with plenty of clout, and many young and old people frequent the area on an everyday basis. Mohamed Sultan, Riverside Point, Clark Quay, and Boat Quay, all prominent Singapore entertainment attractions, are all within walking distance. There is something for everyone; in the event that you enjoy art, there are numerous art galleries and museums to choose from. Among they are the Victoria Theatre, the Civilisations Museums, and the Concert Hall, to name a few.

Robertson Quay’s Nearby Shopping Malls

Riverside point, Robertson walk, UE retail mall, Liang Court, Central Mall, Concorde Retail Mall, and Chinatown point are just a few of the shopping malls near Robertson Quay which can be of interest to you.

Country Clubs in Singapore Near Riviere Condo Jiak Kim Street

Riviere Condo’s former Zouk Club location on Jiak Kim Street provides an affluent atmosphere with lots of people towards the top of their professions. They are wealthy individuals buying social gathering spot, and typical condo amenities might not be able to suit their needs. More amenities are expected, such as for example business centers and golf courses and ranges. Around Riviere, country clubs is a good spot to network. The Riviere Condo is conveniently located near numerous country clubs, including Singapore Town Club, The Legends Fort Canning Park, Singapore Recreation Club, The American Club, The Tanglin Club, Singapore Recreation Club, and Marina Bay Golf Course. Riviere Jiak Kim is close to varied modes of transportation, such as the Havelock MRT station and the Great World City MRT station. Riviere Condo, which even offers hotel facilities at Frasers Residence Promenade, is really a true District 09 cosmopolitan address. Rivière juxtaposes the conservation warehouses’ timeless architecture and appeal from the previous century with the newest iconic contemporary architectural apartments, merging history and residential at the Singapore Museum. Concierge, housekeeping, and laundry services, as well as discounted rates for reservations at the Serviced Apartments near Rivière, will soon be provided within the hospitality services.

Riviere Condo has numerous different showflat options.

Riviere Condo offers a superb position near Zouk Club for potential buyers thinking about purchasing the development. Riviere’s showflat is likely to be ready to accept the general public in the near future. Before creating a purchase, buyers will have a way to go to a variety of showflats. The 1 Bedroom plan, as an example, is great for investors buying brand new development close to the trendy Jiak Kim Street district and the Singapore River, which can be area of the Singapore River Cruise. A more substantial 3 Bedroom plan will soon be available in the Riviere showflat, that will be sought after by families buying a unit in a brand new building to call home. Furniture such as a coffee table, couches, television, dining tables, and chairs will be featured in the showflat although not in the particular Riviere Jiak Kim Street apartment. Kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, air conditioners, floors, closets, and various carpentry projects are among the conventional features of Riviere apartments. Owners of future Riviere Frasers Property will just need to engage their own contractors to install the lighting and drapes, and they will prepare yourself to maneuver into this high-end property Riviere, which will be conveniently located close to the Great World City MRT Station. Rivière brings together modernism and history, individualism and community, tranquillity and accessibility 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Residents can live a sophisticated, energetic, and convenient lifestyle in the middle of Singapore’s historic and prominent river, while also enjoying nature, quiet, and full seclusion.

Exactly why is the Riviere in the City’s Core Getting More Popular?

In an effort to curb the growth in property prices, the us government has announced a variety of cooling measures. The recent upsurge in stamp duties, particularly for multi-property owners, has caused buyers to rethink their budget while looking for a home in the city center, such as Riviere. Consequently, buyers considering Riviere Jiak Kim Street as an investment property may prefer a leasehold structure over a freehold one because the capital outlay is lower. Investors are searching for well-located leasehold developments in the city’s core, and Riviere condo is a well-located leasehold building in the city’s center. Because owners must sell when the house becomes too old to call home in comfortably, there’s no difference between a leasehold and a freehold structure. Home in Singapore’s most elite area, far from the city’s hustle and bustle but only minutes from the CBD and retail belt, and just a short stroll down the River from the F&B, lifestyle, and entertainment belt.

The Jiak Kim Street area has a number of schools which can be close to the Riviere location.

When looking for your future home, bear in mind the golden rule of property: it’s about more than investing in a property. You automatically develop into a person in an existing community whenever you relocate to a brand new location. However, not every neighborhood is alike. Even though that there is no such thing as a great neighborhood, parents in Riviere will appreciate the near proximity to renowned schools for their homes, which makes it an excellent spot to pursue your interests. A few of the advantages of living near a school include the following. It saves time and energy to remain on Riviere Jiak Kim Street, that will be near to schools. Children are not necessary to wait. They agree with their plan and go back to school. Parents shouldn’t spend any time on transportation before or after school. You have complete freedom to leave and get something you’ve been meaning to complete for a long time. Many parents are grateful for the opportunity to avoid this time-consuming task. A number of the schools around Riviere Jiak Kim include LASALLE College of the Arts, Alexandra Primary School, Gan Eng Seng School, River Valley Primary School, Outram Secondary School, Bukit Ho Swee Primary School, ISS International School, and Crescent Girls’ School. The Riviere flat and Jiak Kim Street are both within walking distance of many of these schools.

Riviere was formerly called Zouk.

Riviere, nestled between Boat Quay and the Singapore River, supplies a unique and enjoyable living. Go to the Riviere site plan and floor layouts for further information.

The Jiak Kim Street Project in Riviere Jiak is described in detail.

Riviere is a fresh Frasers Property trademark property located near Great World City MRT Station. The project is a landmark over the Singapore River, as are many of the riverside eateries. Riviere links up with Fraser Residence Promenade, the development’s service residence component, to make a world-class project that’s in great demand from investors buying a long-term investment in a major city center development. Every story has a pivotal moment. The plot’s turning points is going to be determined by these milestones. Memories which will be remembered for an extended time. Moments that may define a reverent existence

The Riviere is made up of three refurbished warehouses.

Rivière contains two gleaming towers of luxury residential apartments that rise 36 stories above the river and are section of a more substantial complex that features three meticulously renovated warehouses and freshly constructed serviced flats. The stunning structure, which reflects the sky above, the river below, and the city below, is destined to become a landmark.

Informative data on the Frasers Riviere Condo Project

Riviere is really a brand-new Frasers Property development on Singapore’s riverfront. It covers a place of 145,063 square feet in total. For the 99-year leasehold residential and commercial site, Frasers Property beat out nine other bidders. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) put it up for sale in 2017 within the Government Land Sales (GLS) program, and eleven developers expressed interest, including Frasers Property.

The renowned Riviere project, that will be located on a great little bit of land near several social services, is a timely investment for Frasers Property. The unique structure will undoubtedly offer an opportunity for buyers looking for a signature property on prominent Jiak Kim Street. You’re about to be on an amazing and one-of-a-kind journey. Visit the Riviere site plan and floor layouts for further information.

Riviere is a brand-new development in the highly sought-after Singapore River and Great World City neighborhoods. Riviere is created on the website of Frasers Property’s purchase of the former Zouk Club. Your website is separated into two sections: a service residences component called Frasers Residence Promenade, and a residential component called Riviere. Riviere is really a full-fledged city, in addition to one of the most cosmopolitan places by which investors will soon be looking to invest.

A coach interchange and an MRT station are generally located near Riviere.
Great World City MRT Station
Havelock MRT Station
Riviere Condo is conveniently located near a professional complex.
Concorde Shopping Centre is really a shopping centre located in Concorde, New South Wales, Australia.
Shopping malls in Singapore
The World’s Capital
The city of Valley Point is located in the state of California.
Clarke Quay, Central
The University of Edinburgh Square is just a public plaza in the center of the city.
Nearby Schools in Riviere
LASALLE College of the Arts is just a New York City-based private liberal arts college.
Chatsworth International School is a Chatsworth-based private international school.
Crescent Girls’ School is a girls’ residential school.
Gan Eng Seng School is a school in Singapore’s Gan Eng Seng district.
Alexandra Primary School is Alexandra’s primary school.

Riviere is located on Jiak Kim Street, that has been once home to Zouk before it moved to Clark Quay. Riviere is really a short walk from Great World City MRT Station (on Thompson East Coastline). For folks who prefer buses, Zion Road, River Valley Road, and Kim Seng Road are typical available. There are several other aspects of curiosity about the Riviere district, including Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, and Robertson Quay, all of which include a variety of restaurants and shopping shops. Please have a glance at a few of the latest projects nearby the Singapore River, such as for instance Canninghill Piers nearby the Paragon Shopping Centre. It is going to be sold by CDL in the near future. The property is next to Robertson Quay, which supplies residents with a variety of amenities.

SCDA Architects designed the Riviere.

Rivière was developed by famous architectural firm SCDA and is a screen in mastering the components of architecture — light, space, transparency, materiality, and order. Small gardens and sensual water pavilions surround the apartment towers, which are tastefully positioned on structural stilts. The entire design aims to humanize serenity and peacefulness features, imbuing everyday encounters with lyrical beauty. Principal architect Soo K. Chan’s firm has won numerous awards because of its extensive portfolio of luxury residences, hospitality, and cultural institutions around the globe, including the President’s Design Award, the RIBA Award, the SIA Architectural Design Awards, and prizes from the World Architecture Festival.

Riviere can also be adjacent to the Central Expressway (CTE), which makes it a convenient location for city visitors. The project is also near to the business district and the Orchard Road shopping mall. Riviere is also adjacent to LASALLE College (renowned because of its arts), River Valley Primary, and Gan Seng School, that are elite schools in Singapore. Go to the Riviere site plan and floor layouts for further information.

Riviere provides a varied selection of services and amenities. Please take a go through the site plan below. A swimming pool, an internal gym, a golf court, a children’s playground, and a BBQ area are typical available. Amber Road provides a really spectacular resort lifestyle for you personally and your family.

Riviere Jiak Kim Street Site Plan

A well-known shopping center is situated near Riviere. Two more local shopping malls are Concorde and Valley Point. Riviere can be close to Fort Canning Park, where tourists may enjoy a selection of outdoor activities with their loved ones. It offers historical information such as for example archaeological findings and a Christian cemetery. Additionally it features a spice garden, which will be near the British Army’s “Battlebox,” which functioned as their headquarters during World War II.

Legends Fort Park, Singapore Town Club, Marina Bay Golf Course, and American Club are just a some of the country clubs near Riviere Condo. For wealthy people at the pinnacle of the professions, they offer a very good place to network; traditional condominiums may not have the ability to suit their needs.

Views of the magnificent Singapore River along with the Boat Quay district can be found from the building. Please keep the place in mind. Riviere provides a lavish and peaceful living environment. Visit the Riviere floor plans and project details for more information.

Below are the floorplans for the units offered at Riviere. Depending on your family’s needs, you can select from a range of floorplans. Please remember that the floorplans provided by the developer are at the mercy of change.

Riviere Condo Floor Plans by Frasers Property

Riviere has condos with one, two, and three bedrooms. In a large proportion of cases, there are two forms of facing. Face Jiak Kim Street or the Singapore River. On average, units on the 6th and higher floors have an unobstructed view.

The showflat for the Riviere project is going to be designed for viewing soon. Buyers will be able to see many different show flats before making a purchase. Riviere is a serene setting in the middle of Singapore River and Boat Quay that will provide one-of-a-kind and wonderful living.

Branded Fittings & Furnishings
Equipment for the Kitchen (Gaggenau)
From afar, your kitchen (Poggenpohl)
Sanitary Fittings are a type of sanitary fitting used to join two pipes (Gessi)
sanitary products (Duravit)
Smart Home/Smart Community

The term ‘hospitality services’ describes the services which are given.

A Concierge’s Services
Laundry Cleaning Services
Cleaning and housekeeping services
The Loyalty Program is an application that encourages visitors to be loyal with their

You can secure a discounted rate at the serviced flats.
Riviere reflects the natural beauty of water.

Riviere is inspired by the river and investigates the numerous aspects, moods, and essence of water. It’s both soft and firm, liquid, solid, and gaseous, delicate but forceful. In lots of ways, water represents the duality of existence. Rivière brings together modernism and history, individualism and community, tranquillity and accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residents can enjoy nature, peace (quiet), and ultimate isolation while residing in a sophisticated (modernity), vibrant (community), and convenient (24/7) lifestyle near the historic and illustrious (legacy) river of Singapore (individuality).

Riviere Condos Dimensions and Layout

Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have any questions regarding the unit. An entire group of floorplans can be available upon request. Before utilizing Riviere floorplans, please read the following disclaimer. The development’s location and project specifications provide more information.

Frasers Property now boasts one of the very diverse development and value-add portfolios in the world. The business is committed to providing unique experiences for many customers while also bringing value to any or all stakeholders. Various asset class classifications have already been developed, with Frasers property being one of the very well-known. With a presence in 80 locations across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and North America, the business currently operates in China, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

Riviere Condo in Singapore lies adjacent to the Singapore River and near Burberry’s Singapore Office, which makes it ideal for Singapore River real estate. The condos are a terrific investment choice for people who want to experience the hustle and bustle of modern business while still having access to all of Singapore’s amenities and value added features. They’re near to the Singapore Entrepreneurs Festival, SBS Korea, China Town, the GE Plaza, the Singapore Film Festival, and the Night Safari, among other notable business and shopping attractions. The Singapore River region is one of the most enticing regions to purchase luxury real estate assets, with a wide variety of high-rise luxury condos and town homes.

The developer Frasers Property is well-known.

The business is focused on revolutionizing the true estate market by offering one-of-a-kind services in residential, retail, commercial, logistics, and hospitality. Frasers Property has made significant investments in large-scale efforts to improve people’s lives, with a certain focus on industrial buildings. According to the latest current value, the entire asset is anticipated to be worth S$32 billion at the time of September 2018.

The company’s impressive portfolio takes under consideration all potential dangers and perfects hospitality by creating modern, world-class developments. The company’s financial position is demonstrated by the fact all Frasers Property’s business categories are listed. The business has additionally garnered vital market experience and now offers freedom, power, and choice to a varied array of communities and businesses.

Frasers Property is just a real estate developer.

Technological advancements and ongoing development have an important affect every one of Frasers Property’s services. To be able to disrupt the true estate business, it has generated significant ties with other market titans. The environment in which the development is carried out, along with the sort of initiatives undertaken, disclose a good deal about the company. Dealing with industry experts has demonstrated a advanced of commitment and conviction.

Several programs have been effective because the organization maintains, owns, and distributes distinctive assets. Frasers Property’s achievements as a top residential developer are now actually recognized round the world. Frasers, a worldwide company having its headquarters in Singapore, is responsible for a number of the world’s largest shopping malls.

Frasers Property is just a company that owns a shopping mall and a company complex.

For a range of investors, Frasers Property has translated its market knowledge into land beauty and additional value. Consequently of the company’s excellent development, over 20000 apartments have been sold in Singapore. Frasers owns and operates sophisticated business spaces, offices, and shopping malls. The organization happens to be developing properties in Vietnam, China, and Thailand, among other places.

Project management of business parks has reinforced the company’s position. The organization has won numerous honors for the great work all over the world, the most recent of which was the 2018 Singapore Corporate Award.

If you’re searching for Riviere pricing, you’ve arrive at the best place at the proper moment. In this location, you can expect to pay around S$1732 per square foot. You may be misled if you believe the purchase price is too high. We say this as the property is in excellent condition, letting you swiftly recoup your investment. We’ll review a lot more in this section. We’ll stop you informed in what FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd has been as much as in order to secure the land they need. They’re setting up long hours to construct some of Singapore’s most incredible structures, and you may be an integral part of it.

Riviere Jiak Kim Jiak Kim Jiak Kim Jiak Kim Jiak Kim Jiak Kim Jiak Kim Jiak Kim Ji

FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd paid a top sum for a property on Jiak Kim Street. This investment, however, is well worth it because it has everything they might require to earn a large sum of money. The location is perfect for creating high-end apartments for locals. Some may view this as a dangerous enterprise, but FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd understands what they need to do to reach the mandatory return on investment. They overpaid per square foot compared to their competitors, nevertheless they understand what they’re doing.

The Cost of a Luxury Residence in Riviere

The condo being manufactured by FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd is just a sensible investment since it will feature the outstanding views that renters expect from the luxury condo like usually the one being built there. The newest apartment will provide you with the convenience you need since it is going to be near to Havelock and Kim Seng. With a bid of more than USD$500,000, GuocoLand was the plot’s second-highest bidder. Yes, they certainly were willing to pay a substantial amount of money with this plot simply because they believed they’d be able to repay their investment quickly and easily. Because of their tikam-tikam excursion, they have to be supplied the appropriate tender.

Riviere Prices at Frasers Centrepoint Homes

FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd has been doing something truly remarkable in the field of real estate. They’ve been buying up some of Singapore’s most valuable plots to be able to better serve the country’s real-estate market. Riviere price was already discussed, and this unit is owned by FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd. If you’re able to afford it, you might be able to partake in this opulent adventure. Riviere Condo in Singapore may provide you with some of the most memorable moments of your daily life if you’re lucky.

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